This Company was started from the heart.  It’s focus is love, joy and health.  Our dog Fenway was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma Cancer. After consulting with a holistic veterinarian I started making meals for Fenway and for my other dog Copley (yes I am from Boston). Fenway went into remission within 3 months and didn’t experience any drastic side effects from her chemo treatments.  Lots of LOVE and a healthy pure Diet made the biggest impact on her well being. I have enjoyed pouring my love and joy into these healthy meals for my pups and want to share with other dog owners.

Love & Pups was created to help incorporate an easier way to help your pup live a healthier, happier, longer life…more joyful snuggles, furry love and licks! 

We Love our Pups  & the Planet


To reduce the carbon “pawprint” we strive to use compostable/recycled packaging and sustainable materials.  Our recipes use human grade ingredients without any fillers or additives with mostly grass fed, organic and local produce when available.






We Love Dog Pics! 

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