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How to introduce LOVE & PUPS meals?
The time required to transition your dog from commercial dog food to fresh, high quality Love & Pups food can vary depending on the age and sensitivity of your dog, but in general it takes about 5-10 days.  Start with adding 25% of L&P meals or meal toppers to your dogs’ existing diet for the first two days.  Each day thereafter add in 25% more working your way up to 100%. 
Your pup will likely experience one or more of the following within a few weeks of converting to Love & Pups:
  • Healthy, soft, shiny coat with less shedding
  • More balanced energy levels
  • Brightness in the eyes….that look of Love!
  • Little to no ‘doggie odor’ and better breath for better kisses
  • Well-formed stool
What does “Fresh / Real food” mean?
Fresh, Real food made with LOVE!
Fresh food is unprocessed and at its optimal level of nutrition.  Real food is Human Grade, USDA meats, vegetables, and fruits, the same as we eat. As much as possible we source locally and use organic, grass fed, hormone free ingredients as they are available.  Many of our suppliers also deliver to the top restaurants here in Tampa….so you know your pup is well fed! Our recipes tend to follow what is seasonally available. It doesn’t contain any added preservatives, coloring, flavoring, or other additives. FRESH is BEST!
How do we reduce the Carbon “pawprint”?
We Love our Pups and our Planet!
By choosing local whenever possible.  We are fortunate to have many local purveyors to choose from. All containers are recyclable or compostable.  We offer refillable containers to create a loop system and keep plastics out of the recycling stream.  We compost all food waste and share with Suncoast Compost.   Any Brain Enrichment toys or wellness products are thoughtfully curated to match our Eco-Friendly standards. We source herbs from our own Organic Garden.    We are members of Florida for Good and The Sustany Foundation and have been nominated for Tampa’s Sustainable Business Award 2020.
Business Cards, Marketing Materials and Labels are recyclable or made from recycled materials.  We yearly attend the Pet Sustainability Coalition Impact Unleased event and strive for Positive Impact accreditation as well as B Corporation Certified status.
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead
How many Love and Pups treats can I feed my dog?
It’s SOOOO Yummy!
We suggest the general rule of offering no more than 10% of your dog’s total caloric intake as treats. 

Most dogs LOVE our food and may beg you for more!  We advise following proper feeding guidelines based on your dog’s age, weight, breed, activity level and input from your vet. Proper weight management is essential for the optimal health of your dog.
What’s the best way to store Love & Pups pet food?
Since we do NOT use preservatives and junk additives, we recommend serving meals within 5-7 days or freezing up to 6 months.   We offer Recyclable or Re-fillable containers.  You may bring in your own to be filled or choose one of our adorable options.
How important is Brain Enrichment?
Cool Toys!
Mental stimulation is necessary   Healthy meals are only one part of the health and wellness of your dog Walks and physical activity are a must but did you know 15 minutes of enrichment equals about 45 minutes of physical activity. Dogs have a natural instinct to sniff, snuffle, and forage.  
Is Love & Pups food nutritionally balanced? 
Yes, we offer complete balanced meals. Our slow cooked real food recipes for dogs have been nutritionally balanced by Veterinarian Nutritionists.  Please contact us directly to formulate the best meal for your dog’s needs. 
The most popular option for our clients are Meal Toppers.  High quality premium meal toppers supplement what you are currently feeding your dog and enhance the mealtime experience.
These are an easy way to add much needed nutrients and hydration to your dogs meals.  Providing more moisture, enzymes, probiotics and highly-digestible quality meat protein is imperative for the health and longevity of our dogs.   
Hydration is a key component in a pet’s health that dry kibble doesn’t’ provide.  Adding Love & Pups Meal Toppers to a high quality kibble can provide many benefits such as excitement of variety, hydration, boost in nutrients, etc…
The high-palatability of our toppers can encourage dogs who are sick or finicky eaters to get the nutrients they need.  Some clients have mentioned that feeding supplements or pills are easy when incorporated (hidden) into our meal toppers.
Where is Love & Pups dog food made?
Come see us!
We thoughtfully handcraft and gently cook real food & treats for dogs in small batches at our commercial kitchen in Tampa, Florida at 3415 W Bay to Bay Blvd (Usually while listening to 80’s R&B.... infusing Love & Joy)
Please stop in and see all the options we offer for the health and wellness of your pup.
If you have any questions that weren’t answered here please send your question to and we will do our best to provide you with an answer.
Please say Hi to your dog for me!
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