Good Pups Deserve Good Treats!

Treats are a great way to show your pup some love!

Effective tool in positive re-enforcement training. 

Fun healthy snacking between meals. 

Healthy, nutritious and completely preservative-free.

Single ingredient options.

All ingredients are selected for their vital role in overall wellness.

Turkey Sticks

Tummy Soother and Breath Freshener. ​

Ingredients:  Turkey, Pumpkin, Parsley


  Beef bits


Nutrient Dense, High Value treat.  A prized favorite!
Ingredients: 6 oz Beef Heart & Liver




Low fat, high protein packed treat. 

A Picky Pup favorite
Ingredients: 5 oz. Chicken Breast


Salmon Skins


Great for Skin & Coat. A Crunchy Omega 3 boost

Ingredients: 4 oz  Wild caught Salmon


Sweet Potato Crisps


Low fat , rich in vitamin A & fiber. A great boost for the immune & digestive system

Ingredients: 4 oz. Sweet Potato 


Sample Mix


A great choice if your undecided about what your pup might like.....



Add a nutrition boost to what you are currently feeding your dog. 

Meal toppers add variety and extra hydration in every bite to enhances overall health. 

Produce ingredients rotate to provide what is seasonally and locally available.  FRESH is Best!



22 oz



22 oz



22 oz



22 oz

Available per request

  • Complete Balanced Meals

  • Custom Meals

  • Feeding Plans to help with a health concern (overweight, diabetes, etc..)

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Recommended Daily Feeding Chart

How much to feed a dog is based on their age, size, weight and of course their overall health. Every dog is unique and the best place to get the most accurate amounts is by consulting with your vet.

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